House cracking?

Movement that results in cracking is a common problem in homes in South Australia. This movement generally comes from changes in soil moisture.

Here are a few simple ways to reduce movement in a house.

  1. Ensure all gaps between any paving and the base of the walls are sealed off with sealant. This will ensure large amounts of water will not cause soil expansion in winter.
  2. All stormwater should discharge out to the street and not to the base of walls. This will reduce potential for soil expansion.
  3. Water gardens around the house regularly in Summer (at least three times a week). This will keep the soil around the house in a stable moisture range and hence reduce soil loads on house footings, thereby reducing movement.
  4. Make sure that no large trees are close to the walls.
  5. Arrange a plumber to test that pipes in & under the house are not leaking.
  6. If the allotment slopes towards the house, install stormwater catchment measures to ensure that little/no stormwater reaches the house.
  7. Ensure that gutters and downpipes are not leaking. A constant inflow of water into soil around bases of walls can lead to soil settlement or expansion.