PBA can help you to buy or sell property in Adelaide.

What is a Buyers Agent/Buyer's Advocate?

A Buyers Agent is a licenced professional, who acts for you to save you time, money and effort when buying your home, commercial or investment property.

How are you different from normal real estate agents?

We differ from normal real estate agents by the fact that as Buyers Advocates/Agents, we do not sell property or act just in the vendors interest, but we search, act and buy property on behalf of the purchaser.aque.

How are you qualified?

We are licensed real estate agents through the REI. Damian Swart is a licenced General Builder, while Stephen Goodwin is a Certified Practising Property Valuer.

How are you independent?

When buying a property for you, we act only for you the purchaser, we do not sell property or take commissions on behalf of vendors or property developers.

What areas do you operate in?

We search and acquire property in the Adelaide metropolitan area and surrounds. We also have interstate affiliates.

Can you help through the entire purchasing process?

Yes. We can manage the whole purchase process from beginning to end.

Can you purchase on our behalf?

Yes. The appointment forms and authority to purchase forms allows us to purchase the agreed property on your behalf. We act as your agent/power of attorney. We do not purchase the property ourselves and then sell the property to you.

How long does it take to buy a property?

This could take as little as a week to 12 months depending on your requirements.

Is it really possible to buy off market property?

Yes. Often vendors are looking to sell quickly, but have reasons for not putting their property publicly on the market. Some of these reasons include the time frame in launching into a full marketing campaign, costs of marketing the property and avoiding the inconveniences of having the public walk through a private property. Purchasing off the market can be a successful strategy in securing the “right” property.

On average, how much do you save your clients?

Our aim is to save you thousands. One of our key objectives is to ensure that our clients do not pay too much. See our fees


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PBA can help you to buy or sell property in Adelaide.