Vendors Advocates/ Agents

When selling your home or investment property; a vendors advocate can provide expert guidance through the sales process, assisting you in choosing the “right” real estate agent to sell your house – to maximise your return and minimise the cost.

We are Adelaide based and totally independent:

  • When selling your family home or investment property it is vital to price your property correctly
  • Correct pricing gives you maximum exposure to the largest number of potential buyers
  • Don’t list your property for too little or too much
  • The perception is that a property sitting on the market for too long (priced too high) “must” have something wrong with it
  • Get expert assistance that reflects the significance of the transaction


What we do

  • Provide expert guidance through the sales process
  • Assist you in securing the “right” agent to sell your property
  • Ensure the sale price reflects market value, reducing sale times
  • PBA acts for you and only for you

How we do it

  • We carry out a “current fair market valuation” of your property
  • Arrange carefully selected real estate agents to view your property
  • Evaluate the agents’ proposed sale price, marketing plan, fees & other costs to help you choose the “right” agent
  • Provide advice on how to best prepare your property for sale
  • We will help you every step of the way
  • We charge a small sign on fee & also take a share of the selling fee from the appointed agent
  • Our aim is to save you in excess of our fee in the process
  • Use our independence to your advantage


Let us help you find the “right” agent to sell your property for the “right” price.