1. Buyers agent

PBA are totally independent buyer’s agents.
We act on your behalf to secure the “right” investment property for you.

PBA have extensive experience in real estate, building and property valuation throughout South Australia.

PBA do not have pre-existing relationships with any building or project marketing organisations.
We will search the relevant market place for you, not direct you to a pre-packaged project.

The process of purchasing an investment property is similar to purchasing an owner occupied property. However there are differences:

You would need to determine if they are interested in commercial or residential property. Commercial property can have financial barriers to entry including higher equity requirements imposed by banks.

PBA can help you source commercial and residential investment properties.


What we do

  • Save you time finding the “right” property
  • Save you money by ensuring that you do not pay more than the property is worth
  • Provide local knowledge specialising in Adelaide and its surroundings
  • We represent people from regional areas, interstate and overseas wanting to purchase a property in Adelaide or greater South Australia
  • We act with complete discretion
  • Our fees are based on a fixed quote to you

How we do it

  • Work with you to determine your requirements
  • Search for the “right” property for you which could either have good capital growth prospects, high income (positively geared) or a combination of both
  • Shortlist potential properties
  • Discuss the “pros” and “cons” of each property
  • Determine the current market value of the property
  • Negotiate with the vendor (or vendor’s agent) to buy on your behalf

2. Mentoring to property investors on a one on one basis.

The directors of PBA both own commercial & residential investment properties. Many successful property investors from time to time will need external help. PBA can offer the following services to property investors.

  • Periodic advice on all aspects of investing in property
  • Periodic valuations to establish equity values which can help establish if additional properties can be purchased

3. Education

PBA are planning to offer lectures to small groups on all aspects of property purchasing